Speed Drying & Heat Drying Property Services


Fixed cost quotes for drying your flooded or wet property are free and without obligation.

Telephone: 0330 050 0330

  We are the uk's original heat drying pioneers.

  We have fought hard against those who argued heat drying would not work - now it is industry & globally accepted.

  Our convectant drying systems - both portable and trailer mounted, lead the world (and the uk) in property drying technology.


  Convectant drying can have many advantages over traditional dehumidifier drying.

  In case our speedry systems are not suitable for the job, we do operate a hire fleet of thermo desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers.

  We have set up a dedicated operation for speed drying.

  Our technicians now have 14 years experience in using the process.

For detailed information on our speed and heat drying services please see www.speeddryingcompany.co.uk

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