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Mould Decontamination and Mould Abatement Services

For further information on mould abatement please see the following brochures;

Download Action Dry Brochure.

Verification Certificates

Download Surface Fungal Biomass Certificate. Download Air test Mycometer results.

Mould Abatement

Areas being abated must be thoroughly decontaminated of unwanted substances and the British Standard PAS 64: 2013 code of practice recommends that appropriate air quality and surface hygiene testing is undertaken as verification that cleaning goals have been achieved.

Mould Damage Information

Simply spraying a biocide or cleaning with bleach should be avoided as it may be NOT the best or safest course of action where mould proliferation is severe. Killing mould can release toxins from ruptured or dried out spores resulting in a potentially hazardous environment to those susceptible. YOU can   download and undertake our FREE health and decontamination risk assessment to help you decide on a course of action after water damage or where mould is seen or suspected.

Our mould removal services will provide a high standard of clearance which can be overseen and validated by an independent specialist who will scope the program, undertake independent testing and audits providing evidence to prove the levels of clearance prior to issuing the clearance report with verification data

Mould Clearance - Contaminated Environments

All too often today costs need to be controlled, that’s fair enough, but where the contractor or his principal overlooks the health and safety implications of mould contamination and suggests using questionable practices in their drive to cut costs and make profit - that’s unforgiveable. On the surface, things may look clean after their works. BUT, what validation does the cleaning company offer you or provide? Once in a while, something will go wrong and it would be then that you will wished that you had used the services of a professional mould decontamination company like ACTION DRY.

Many talk the talk – but few walk the walk!


Where appropriate:

  We can have an independent specialist in building forensics write the scope of decontamination works.

  The specialist can oversee and audit our work to ensure we are adhering to the set scope. This ensures the highest of standards.

  When used, the independent specialist undertakes his own tests and provides his own closure report for air quality and surface hygiene - giving total peace of mind.

When our technicians oversee the decontamination:

  We quantify airbourne fungal biomass whilst our technicians are on site undertaking mould clearance works and quantify the levels of airbourne mould and on surfaces whilst our technicians are still working on site using state of the art award winning patented methods.

  We will also provide a verification report based the results of our test methods.

  We will advise on the cause of the mould and future prevention.

  Our prices are reasonable and cost effective


Avoid problems by having Action Dry at your disposal to deal with hazardous clean up operations. Our Health and Safety record is second to none and we have the expertise and equipment to deal with the most contaminated scenes and best of all we can validate our works to ensure that the hazard has been removed and that the property is fit for re-occupation.


  Our resources include some of the most sophisticated equipment available and our staff fully understand the complexities of a hazard site and the consequences of a sub standard clean. In addition, our staff are fully vaccinated and our engineering controls are well proven in the field and backed up with an exposure control plan.

  We are Safecontractor and Exor Accredited

  Our management system is BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 registered and our systems, method statements, MSDS and H/S policy documents are all continually appraised and updated as needed.


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