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Action Dry lead the industry in speed/heat drying techniques and our processes started a revolution in how wet properties are dried out. We provide specialist, experienced, professional and well resourced drying capability for the construction industry. SERVICE IS NATIONWIDE.

Our management team have expertise in construction drying going back to 1975.

We can handle the challenge of just about any drying project and our low amp huge capacity Convectant drying systems and methods are available in both trailer (110v) and portable systems (230v only).

  Each trailer can do the work of around 50 commercial dehumidifiers from a single dedicated 110v source.   Each portable system can do the work of around 4 commercial dehumidifiers aided by heaters.


WE ARE NOT a heater hire company looking to rent you heaters and then walk away leaving you to wonder why there is condensation running off the walls and windows and mould growth on surfaces.

Our expertise will greatly assist you - and should reduce the overall cost potential with savings from less rip out, faster drying and reduced downtime. If penalty clause payments due to delays from dampness are looming, call Action Dry without delay.

We attend site quickly and provide fixed cost quotes.

Where possible we dry out screed to British Standards BS 5325, 8201, 8203 validating our actions with diligent monitoring – including calcium carbide testing and thereby allowing specified floor finishes to be fitted without fear of failure. We provide building acclimatisation. This reduces shrinkage issues during the defects period.

Water beneath the subfloor? We dry wet sub floor insulation beneath screed and have specialist compressor systems to dry the insulation without removing the screed. We use high resolution thermal imagers detect the layout of under floor heating pipework or mats if present.

Our services are used as independent specialists to prove that agreed moisture levels in subfloors have been achieved and we provide independent reports and moisture mapping on any aspect of flood or water damage.

Monitoring processes includes:

Remote & Manual environmental conditions, surface and in depth ERH, Calcium Carbide moisture testing, WME, Microwave moisture testing.


A small selection of a few recent projects where Convectant drying has been used on construction sites include;

  The drying of an entire block of 78 apartments and common parts in Southampton which had been flooded just prior to handover.

  Drying - Insurance Co European HQ – London –flooding throughout after fire on roof.

  Major Development Euston – ongoing moisture monitoring / drying services throughout build.

  The drying of a timber framed block of apartments and timber framed home development Wiltshire.

  The drying of floors and validation of structural moisture content in a newly constructed waste disposal facility. E Sussex.

  The moisture mapping and drying throughout of a secure mental hospital water damaged during construction. Southampton

  The Drying out following roof fire, of a 9 floor Hotel Development, Strand London.

  The Drying out of Hotel Development 3 floors – Piccadilly London.

  The Drying out of Apartments Blocks at the Olympic Village. London.

  The drying of a flooded 32 floor tower apartment block. Portsmouth.

... plus many, many more examples.

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WE ARE A BRITISH STANDARDS: PAS 64:2013 COMPLIANT COMPANY (Code of Practice - Mitigation and recovery of water damaged buildings)

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