Cleaning After Floods / ...continued

Professional water damage response & Specialised cleaning services

Action Dry has a wealth of experience to mitigate & decontaminate all types of flooding incidents.

We are also specialists in decontaminating sewage and mould incidents.

Quality of service to enhance our reputation are the vital components we strive for.

Regularly we see the unnecessary rip out seriously flood damaged property. All to often, this goes well beyond what is reasonable or necessary.

The photo's below show how insurance preferred suppliers often deal with your property

Action Dry focus on minimal stripout and minimal downtime.

This is how we do it:

Our goal is always to reduce the impact of water and flood damage, ensure the property is safe and clean, allowing you to move back in and reinstate to your own agenda in their own timescale.

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Our decontamination protocols are industry leading and don't rely on a "it looks clean" mentality. We can provide certificates of hygiene for surface cleaning and air quality and where appropriate, we employ an independent hygienist who will scope, write the protocol, audit our works and independently close the job.

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On receipt of a call for emergency assistance, we will endeavour to be on site within 2 - 4 hours. (subject to traffic conditions and surge situations). If it is not an emergency, we will agree an appointment to suit you.

We can handle anything from a simple burst pipe or tap left on through to sewage back surge and storm damage, a burst water main causing damage to several properties to large regional river flooding causing damage to numerous properties, Action Dry have dealt with them all!

No job is too large or too small.

We undertake works to both domestic and commercial properties and we are experts in reducing downtime and business interruption. Action Dry have helped many thousands of victims over the years.

Called on by insurance companies, the police, loss adjusters, surveying groups, construction companies, housing associations, international facilities groups and other damage mitigation contractors, we have the expertise and resources for you to depend on and are a preferred supplier to many well known organisations.

What makes us different?

As far as we know, we the only organisation in the entire water damage industry who fully validate their drying program and hygiene cleaning as a matter of course. Supporting documentation is provided to the client on completion of appropriate drying works and where specialist disinfection is required. Our methods surpass "best practice" as described in the 2013 version of the british standard pas 64 "mitigation and recovery of water damaged buildings - code of practice - " and also guidelines set out by the bdma, iicrc and other professional trade associations.

Simple application of disinfectants by spray or chemical fogging or applications of ozone are such treatments no longer best practice and are recognised as a potential a health hazard. Such practices should if possible, be managed out of the restoration protocol after a risk and hazard assessment and substituted with a safer alternative where practical. In reality, the industry, government and professional flood advice "experts" continue to promote old fashioned techniques - despite the potential for making your property a toxic chemical dump!

Action Dry can undertake state of the art chemical free cleaning and we do not routinely use damaging ozone.

We have unique methods & systems and pride ourselves on developing ideas that set us apart.

Our latest innovation is a repeatable real time information exchange system that is unique and industry leading.

The software program is the first of it's type to provide an in depth field technical reporting procedure for flood damage technicians. The system has been copyrighted and is unique to our network members. The report includes simple to understand (and use) technical reports on the water damage and building and includes a health risk assessment, comprehensive job sheet, inventories, cost comparisons, transparent invoicing and much more.

Chemical Free Cleaning

Absorbeez : the original absorbent sandbag was developed by us back in 1996.

Absorbeez was developed to help us with our own flood work and now sells worldwide. The absorbeez sandbag alternative is a rapidly deployed absorbent pad and very useful product to contain or control water damage. There is a range of sizes and products. For full details please see the Absorbeez website

Flood drying services:

We have developed, and use, state of the art building drying & dehumidification systems. These systems offer the latest in drying techniques and lead the industry.

Our speedry trailer, convectant drying systems, provide a phenomenal (Summers day to desert dry) controlled balanced drying environment and will reduce the stress and cost impact of any serious water damage claim drying time, strip out and reinstatement costs. For full information on our specialist drying services, please see

Our portable revolutionary dehumidifier systems have set another standard in the industry.

The Speedry (aka Drymatic) portable has a host of features and a rapid drying capability over standard dehumidifiers. Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, our systems can automatically control the drying environment

Ensuring optimum conditions in all temperatures. These machines are so advanced and are the first machines to text you when the building is dry to the standards set - when used with their sensors.

The convectant process is what we believe to be the most advanced dehumidifier in the world. International patents have been granted.

For UK hire and information please see:

The patented speedry portable is now manufactured and distributed globally by DBK Technitherm under the brand Drymatic. DBK are global leaders in black heat technology.

For further details go to: ( germany & eu )

Hydronic dry air systems

We own and operate dryair hydronic systems designed to heat, dry, thaw, cure groundworks! They are great for pest control using heat and for sanitising using heat. We hire the process to pest control companies or cleaning companies who wish to compete against their competitors with a heat process as an alternative to chemical applications.

The systems are also great for dealing first time with domestic infestations of fleas and bed bugs.

If you have such an infestation in your home, please ask us to quote: Tel 0330 050 0330

We can independently report on any dispute you may have with your insurer adjuster or appointed contractor concerning drying, air quality and hygiene. (request a free telephone call to discuss your issue).

  We were the first uk flood damage response company to be BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 registered in the provision of property damage remediation and associated services.

  Our pricing structure is fair and reasonable and is published annually.

  Our quotes are free, without obligation and where possible we provide a maximum fixed cost, reducing it daily pro rata if we dry within the goal set.

  Our invoicing and dealings are totally transparent and we do not undertake the smoke and mirrors policy rife throughout our industry.

  We fully guarantee our works.

  We are pleased to give free advice and provide quotes.

Emergency National Helpline . . . 0330 050 0330 . . . 24 hours a day

Action Dry Emergency Services Ltd

WE ARE A BRITISH STANDARDS: PAS 64:2013 COMPLIANT COMPANY (Code of Practice - Mitigation and recovery of water damaged buildings)

Telephone free: 0330 050 0330 email :
Action Dry Emergency Services, National Command Centre, PO Box 139, Upminster, Essex, UK RM14 2YD